About Erlysign

Erlysign is a non invasive early detection test kit for detecting Oral precancerous conditions at an early stage.

This is a semi quantitative test in which we check for biomarkers in one’s saliva sample to assess the risk of pre cancerous conditions .The results can be quantified as Low - Moderate - High depending on the assessment.

The test can detect the pre cancerous conditions even before the appearance of any oral lesion or tumour formation.

Oral cancer is one of the most common cancers as it is directly related to our diet, lifestyle and even immunity.But people with active smoking habits, tobacco use or heavy alcohol abuse are more prone to get affected by it. But in many cases around the globe it has been witnessed that people with none of these unhealthy habits have also been affected by Oral cancer at some point of there life.So we insist that Men above 40 should take the test once a year irrespective of their habits while Women above 50 should take the test once a year.It is always better to be on the safe side when it comes to cancer.

Getting, using and returning the Erlysign kit

It's very simple and you do not have to visit any doctor or lab to get tested. You can order the kit online or if you want you can visit the nearby pharmacy stores to buy one.

Once you have the kit just follow the instructions mentioned in the instruction sheet provided inside the package.

No , for ease of collection and testing once you have filled the collection kit with your fresh early morning saliva.Just notify us at our whatsapp number and our logistics partner would pick the kit from your doorstep.All the kits are prepaid so you don’t have to pay anything to ship the kit.

Every collection kit comes with a prefilled preservative which stabilizes the saliva sample for a year.So you may take your time and as per your comfort can notify us.

No need to keep the kit in cold condition.The sample stays safe once mixed with the preservative.

To keep the results accurate we prefer the fresh early morning saliva as a sample.

The normal time it takes to get the reports once we have the sample is 3 - 5 hrs. 2 - 3 days for intercity samples and 1 day for intracity samples to reach our testing facility.

We suggest our users that they should wait if they have a cut or burn that usually happens while eating fast or hot/spicy food. Once it's healed then only give the sample.Even if the person has an ulcer or has undergone any dental job recently within 5-10 days they should wait and then take the test.

What’s Next

You will receive your test results in your registered whatsapp number as well as in your mail address.You can also access the results through your account in our website.

Do not hesitate to contact us.By the way if at any point of time you want you can opt in for a first free consultation with our Nutritionist , Dentist or Oncologists.We will help you out in every way possible.

No not without taking your consent.Your privacy is our primary concern and hence we never share your test results with any doctor not even in our own channel.Once you agree to consult someone then only your results are shared.

First of all there is no need to panic. The whole point of this test is to safeguard the user from further damage and let them know what they should do to avoid the problem.

Please never hesitate to get in touch with us.We are always happy to assist our users and never reach to any conclusion all by yourself and the internet.

Additional Questions

No this is an early detection test and is meant to assess the risk of oral precancerous conditions and its ongoing or future development. This test is not meant to diagnose the cancer.Only Biopsies can confirm the cancer.

It depends on the age group, gender and other factors. We insist men/women who are active tobacco users or smoke and active alcohol consumers to take the test thrice a year. While women above 50yrs of age should take the test once a year as they are prone to Oral lichen planus which is a form of oral pre cancer. Men above 40yrs of age should also opt for testing once a year.

No the cost per kit for our subscribed users is greatly reduced and most importantly you may cancel anytime once the subscription period ends.

Currently this test is limited to oral pre cancer. But we will keep our users informed about our upcoming early detection test kits for other cancers like Breast , Lung , Colorectal and others.